Robert J Straka from Cincinnati, OH

Age 60s

Also Known As
Robert Joseph Straka, Robert N Straka, Bobby Joseph Straka, Bob Joseph Straka, Rob Joseph Straka


(513) 561-0337

Cell Phones

(513) NAY-PEEK
(513) NAY-PEEK
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Current Address

8231 Castle Pines Ln
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Previous Addresses

NOSHOW Procter and Gamble Plz, Cincinnati, OH
NOSHOW Sandcliff Dr, Cincinnati, OH
NOSHOW Bow Dr, Sardinia, OH
NOSHOW 33rd Ave, Cincinnati, OH
NOSHOW Stamler Dr, Toms River, NJ
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Relatives & Associates

Jennifer Womble Age 40s in Moores Hill, IN
Brett Straka Age 30s in Dexter, MI
Ann Straka Age 30s in Cincinnati, OH
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