26007 Eden Landing Rd
Hayward, CA 94545
(510) 732-2610
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Victor G.'s photo
by Victor G. on August 29, 2014
rating: 3

maybe it was their lunch break. service initially was slow.

eats:italian classic (s, 2.99) on rosemary parmasan bread was only so so.
-should have added... read more »

Chris D.'s photo
by Chris D. on September 4, 2013
rating: 2

There were only a few lunch options near the job site that I was working at. I chose Quiznos over the hotdog joint since usually Quiznos is pretty good.... read more »

Paula O.'s photo
by Paula O. on March 16, 2012
rating: 2

I've experienced better. They enticed me to go with a coupon for $1 off of regular sandwiches and their limited of time of lobster and seafood salad... read more »